Welcome to The Good Taste Guru, now let yourselves be entertained, inspired and soak up the magic please ! 



This is my creative diary as artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

I started my eponymous fashion brand “Davina Shefet” in 2015 along with “The Studio” which combines various types of design and art for other brands and special projects.

As a visual journal, you will find it is filled with inspirations of all sort, videos, stories, thoughts, illustrations, paintings, music and sometimes you might just fall upon something of pure nonsense, that’s part of the process.

The Guru is a persona I created and as you’ll see she takes herself very seriously, she is bold, crazy and weird and she is the mascotte of this blog. Beware of the other characters that will show up from time to time ! It’s really all about creating new things, going deep and having fun with it.



The Fashion brand focuses mainly on highly creative and luxurious textiles. The brand started with kimonos in 2015 but rapidly developed into full collections of clothes. “The Precious Label” features the more high end, couture pieces with hand painted silks, hand woven and embroidered textiles, these pieces are all unique. The Ready to Wear Label is made of limited editions, the creative focus also being strong prints, colours and bold style. All clothes are made entirely in Paris.

If you want to know more you can visit the brand’s website: www.davinashefet.com



The Studio combines all kind of creative work, art direction and concept, video making and storytelling, scenography and installations, textile work, costumes, and renting of extraordinary pieces of clothes, painting and illustration, customization, the list could go on and on. We work with brands, creative agencies, musicians and any business in need of a high dose of creativity.

If you’re interested in working with us, contact us over here: thegoodtasteguru@gmail.com